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Our History

The distinctive face and top hat known as Mr. Hamburger has greeted Huntsville residents and burger lovers alike since 1959. Opened as a classic American drive-in and moving to a dine-in location in 2011, fans still recognize the food and location that make him unique. Situated across from the famous downtown Huntsville "Walls" prison unit, Mr. Hamburger has literally been the first taste of freedom for thousands of released inmates waiting for their bus ride out of town. This influence can be seen in the uniquely named burgers fitting the prison theme.

On the walls of his restaurants are news clippings from that local town in 1959. See what was happening in Huntsville or Bryan the year Mr. Hamburger was born!

Start with never frozen, Certified Angus Beef, hand-pressed, house-seasoned, and seared at the highest temperature to lock in the juice and create that slightly crisp edge. Serve it on a butter-grilled bun with fresh-cut fries or onion rings made the same way by hand all these years. On behalf of Mr. Hamburger, his employees, and the six families who have operated his restaurant, we hope you will give us an opportunity to show you how great food and exceptional service can make you feel good!